After you downloaded and unpacked the archive you can start GCViewer by simply double-clicking on gcviewer-1.2x.jar or running java -jar gcviewer-1.2x.jar

Date Binary GZIP TAR Binary ZIP
28.5.08 gcviewer-1.29-bin.tar.gz [1.301.014bytes] gcviewer-1.29-bin.zip [1.300.651bytes]

Date Source GZIP TAR Source ZIP
28.5.08 gcviewer-1.29-src.tar.gz [2.351.373bytes] gcviewer-1.29-src.zip [2.424.539bytes]

Newer Versions

I have stopped improving GCViewer in 2008, however, there is a current fork by Jörg Wüthrich at https://github.com/chewiebug/GCViewer that aims at improving compatibility with current JVMs.