Package com.tagtraum.qtsampledsp

Core classes of the QTSampledSP library.


Class Summary
QTAudioFileFormat QTAudioFileFormat.
QTAudioFileReader QTAudioFileReader.
QTAudioFormat QTAudioFormat.
QTAudioInputStream QTAudioInputStream.
QTFileInputStream QTFileInputStream.
QTNativeLibraryLoader First tries to load a library the default way using System.loadLibrary(String), upon failure falls back to the base directory of the given class package or the jar the class is in.
QTNativePeerInputStream QTNativePeerInputStream.
QTStreamInputStream QTFileInputStream.
QTURL Attempt to work around issues with unicode characters in file paths (not names) on Windows.

Package com.tagtraum.qtsampledsp Description

Core classes of the QTSampledSP library.

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